Mission & Purpose

Purpose Statement

We exist to make disciples who work together to make Christ known amongst the nations. 

Mission Statement

Every Member becomes a Missionary

Through Relationships, Discipleship and Service

To build the kingdom of God.

We do this by:

Building Kingdom Relationships. This involves introducing new believers to the church and leading them to grow in their walk with Christ. This involves encouraging new believers to grow in their faith through prayer, worship and fellowship.

Building Kingdom Disciples. This involves encouraging believers to grow in their knowledge of Christ. This is about discipleship through the Word of God. This involves life on life discipleship by growing in biblical knowledge and learning to obey God’s Word through teaching, small groups, and accountability.

Building Kingdom Servants. This involves encouraging believers to serve Christ in every area of their life. Believers are encouraged to discover and use their spiritual gifts, particiate in and/or lead ministries, and seek to make Christ known.